Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Sex Helps Job Performance

At Ambiance, we are always looking for great reasons to have more sex. This new study out of Sweden offers a perfect new excuse to hit the sheets more often - it will also improve your job!

(MYFOX NATIONAL) - A new Swedish study found that having a healthy emotional and sexual relationship at home can significantly reduce stress at work, according to Swedish paper The Local . The study looked at the effects of partner relations on work stress over a five-year period.

Those relationships either help alleviate stress at work or push people over the edge, the study concluded."Either you come home to something that gives you a possibility to rewind and recover or you have a relationship that makes you more troubled," Ann-Christine Andersson Arnten, a psychology doctoral student from the University of Gothenburg, told The Local.

The study asked 900 men and women to rate whether their relationship had a positive or negative effect on their work life. The findings for the women in the survey were predictable -- women in good relationships had less stress at work, and ones in bad relationships had more work stress.

The men were a different story though. "When we talked to the men, they said that when it's in-between, you have to put more effort into it," Andersson Arnten said. "You keep doing that until the relationship either becomes better or hopeless."She added that the survey results also dismiss the myth that men completely separate work life and private life.

Why would better sex help you through the (normally) non-sexy work day? Sex releases endorphins, the body's natural opiate. These neurotransmitters found in the brain have pain-relieving properties similar to morphine. Endorphins coursing through the body create a feeling of wellness and health that can last for hours after having sex.

In addition to endorphins, achieving orgasm releases sex hormones throughout the body. In women, sex hormones include oxytocin, a peptide that promotes feelings of affection and bonding. In men, sex increases the flow of testosterone which helps strengthen bones and muscles. Testosterone also transports the hormone DHEA which helps boost the immune system. These hormones in both women and men work to help cleanse the body of toxins, making both sexes feel better overall, not just in the bedroom.

Whew! All this talk of endorphins, health benefits and stress relief kind of makes you want to run home on your lunch break for a quickie, does't it?

Share this study with your partner, and set aside a week or two to conduct your own short-term experiement. Make the effort to please each other more often in bed and see how this satisfaction translates into other aspects of your life.

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