Friday, July 17, 2009

It's time for a PLAYcation!

Vacations can be expensive. “Stay”cations? Kinda boring. But a PLAYcation? PLAYcations are passionate, exciting and absolutely memorable. Don't you think it’s time for you and your lover to take a PLAYcation? First stop, Ambiance the Store for Lovers!

You don’t have to go far, or spend too much. All you need is to remove distractions & responsibilities, find a private setting, and have the desire to focus on your fantasy sex play.

How to take PLAYcation:

Make Reservations.
Plan to have your PLAYcation where you’ll be free from distractions – you don’t want a phone call from your mother-in-law or your kids screaming to take you out of the moment. Get a hotel room if you can’t arrange for privacy at home.

During a playcation, you are not an employee, a homeowner or a parent. You are a lover; nothing less, nothing more.

Pack appropriately.
Consider the “destination” of your PLAYcation. Do you need to pack light bondage gear for an adventurous journey, or will just a stash of sex toys do the trick? Plan ahead, and don’t forget the lubricant to make sex even sexier, and aphrodisiacs to give you that extra libido lift.

Important: Do not pack your inhibitions and boundaries! Tuck those away, out of sight and out of mind. On a PLAYcation, you have permission to stretch your boundaries to the very edge of sexual pleasure. You have complete freedom from your usual inhibitions.

Great ideas for PLAYcation destinations:

The Bedroom Amusement Park Playcation.

Where to play:
Your own bedroom, or at a hotel

What to Pack:
  • Restraints
  • Blindfold
  • Sex Furniture
  • Riding crop, whip or paddle
  • Lubricant
Suggested Activities:
Outfit the bed with restraints and have a blindfold, riding crop, sex furniture and lubricant at the ready. Please and punish your partner as he or she deserves, and give into the pleasure of control with reckless abandon. If you’re the one being dominated, relinquish your power with joy. With each crack of the crop or pull of the restraints, lose yourselves in the passion of the moment.

Treat your bodies as they’d be handled on the most intense rollercoaster – shock, euphoria, pain, pleasure. By the time you “return to the station,” you both should be breathless and spent… until you decide on a second ride!

The Wet-and-Wild Adventure Playcation

Where to play:
A hot tub, shower, bathtub or swimming pool

What to Pack:
  • Silicone lubricant (stays slick in water!)
  • Waterproof sex toys
  • Topical stimulants
Suggested Activities:
Take it slowly at first. Let go in the serenity of the water, the pop of the bubbles, the intimacy with your lover. Begin with gentle massages and soothing touch… let the sensations build as your libido awakens. When you’re ready to turn up the heat, topical stimulants like G Gel will intensify your sensations. (And feel completely different in water!) Apply plenty of silicone lubricant and have a cache of waterproof toys handy to really make a sexual splash.

Slip and slide over, under and into each other’s bodies with as much freedom and joy as you approached the water slide as a child.

The Thrill Seeking Playcation
Where to play:
Any room of your home, in your car, or a hotel

What to Pack:
  • Vibrating Sex Toys
  • Non-Vibrating Sex Toys
  • Remote-controlled Sex Toys
  • Lubricant, toy cleaner and extra batteries
Have you packed any Sex Toys?

Suggested Activities:
It’s not bungee-jumping or skydiving that gets you off… no, it’s the most intense sexual stimulation and gratification that you can find. Battery-and electric-powered devices to tease, torture and tantalize are what you’re looking for.

When was the last time you “parked” in your car? (If only in the garage?) Take backseat sex to the next level with a finger vibrator or a vibrating erection ring. If you’re home with your entire sex arsenal at hand, include an electro stimulating device or an extra-kinky anal toy that you’ve never tried before, to make it a new and adventurous journey. At a hotel? No problem. There's a wide variety of travel-size toys to keep your pulse racing. No matter your location, just feed your passionate, thrill-seeking desire with the best romantic technology.


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