Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marriage Health Month: Sex & The Church

"There is lots of secular advice on sex, but very little spiritual advice. Sex does not come up in church.” -Dr. Stacy L. Spencer

Bit it should, says this charismatic pastor of New Direction Christian Church in Memphis, TN. In recent years, a growing number of churches and ministries around the United States have brought sex out into the open in their parishes. Sex seminars, counseling and open discussions about sex - and how couples can get the most of it - are becoming more and more commonplace. (One minister even advocates sex marathons!)

The reason? "Sex is like super glue [in a marriage]," says Rev. Ed Young, pastor of the Fellowship Church of Dallas, Texas. He also sees sex as a great way for couples to forget other troubles in their marriage, such as work or financial stressors.

Even more, these ministers believe that God wants married couples to get the most out of their sex lives and have passionate intimacy. Dr. Spencer even believes that Song of Solomon 2:3 is an allegory for oral sex.

Are the days of religious guilt blocking married couples from sexual pleasure over? Most likely, not, but it is promising to see more and more Christian leaders discussing sex openly and positively. (At Ambiance, we have donated thousands of dollars of gift certificates to churches over the years and have several Cleveland-based pastors as proud members of our Great Lovers Club.)

What is the attitude about sex at your church? Have you ever harbored any religious-based guilt about your own sexuality?

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