Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let Go and Give In to Pleasure: A Letter from Ambiance President Jennifer Downey

This year brought an amazing number of new customers to Ambiance. Inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey books, record numbers of women put aside their fears and self-consciousness and came to Ambiance's stores and website to explore the toys and bondage items so seductively described in one of 2012's best sellers.

They discovered that Ambiance is all about making customers feel welcome and appreciated, without judgment. Our Romance Consultants are dedicated to getting past inhibitions and helping all customers find the best items to "enhance their romance."

For me it is so gratifying because these new customers were truly discovering their sexuality and the benefits that an adventurous love life brings. Besides the obvious physical pleasure of great orgasms, a healthy sex life brightens our entire existence. Many women have admitted to me that they couldn't believe they waited so long to explore the pleasures and satisfaction a good sex life has to offer.

In fact, not one person has told me that they regretted trying new things sexually. That is not to say they enjoyed everything they tried equally, but the very process of exploring new fantasies and new pleasures heightened their fulfillment.

In this, Ambiance's 32nd year and our 30th year of having retail stores, I'm truly looking forward to continue being a part of making people's lives more satisfying, exciting and brighter.

If you are still holding on to old inhibitions, I implore you let them go. At least a little. Try something a little naughtier than you have before. I think you'll find that the satisfaction you get will have you wishing you'd done it sooner.

Happy New Year, 

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