Friday, March 22, 2013

Ambiance and Featured in the NE Ohio USPS Newsletter

TLC: Think Like A Customer

Ambiance, an award-winning intimate apparel chain and women’s boutique, has been serving customers in northeastern Ohio since 1983. However, their online business only recently started thriving when Jeremy Ginsberg took over as the eCommerce manager.

“I discovered that 75-80% of our online business centered on small and light products, yet we were paying an average of $8.50 per order just to ship something across town,” said Ginsberg. “We believe in TLC service, which stands for ‘think like a customer.’ Customers want their orders to arrive as fast as possible and at a reasonable price. We needed to bring our shipping costs down, and we needed faster service.”

After Ginsberg met with USPS Shipping Solutions Specialist Candy Hardesty, Ambiance was shipping with the Postal Service.

“In one week, I noticed a huge increase in orders, and feedback from our customers revealed that Priority Mail was getting it there faster and cheaper than our previous shipper,” said Ginsberg. “Today, our average shipping costs per order is down 27%, and we are passing that savings on to our customers. In just four months, we had an 18% increase in orders, a 25% rise in revenue, and a 14% decline in overall shipping costs.”

The bottom line to the Postal Service is $300,000 in new annual revenue.

“The Postal Service is an extension of our business, so the quality of the service is especially important to us,” said Ginsberg. “The service we have received from our carriers has been excellent, and everyone I've dealt with at the Post Office has been great.”


  1. We needed to bring our shipping costs down, and we needed faster service.

  2. Yes, I guess a lot of services often forget about TLC concept. This is what makes business grow - caring for customers. Thank you for posting this.

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